Prehistoric Snap Cards
Prehistoric Snap Cards

Prehistoric Snap Cards

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+ Two Little Ducklings Dinosaur Snap, Memory and Puzzle Game, the perfect match to your dinosaur figurine collection!

+ Packed in a handy calico bag, each card is laminated and designed with rounded corners to protect them from wear and tear, perfect for small children. Proudly Australian made and printed on environmentally friendly paper.

+ Pack includes: 2 x ankylosaurus, 2 x brachiosaurus, 2 x diplodocus,
2 x muttaburrasaurus, 2 x parasaurolophus, 2 x pteranodon,
2 x smilodon, 2 x spinosaurus, 2 x stegosaurus, 2 x triceratops,
2 x tyrannosaurus rex, 2 x velociraptor and 2 x woolly mammoth.

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