Animalium Mini Gift Edition
Animalium Mini Gift Edition

Animalium Mini Gift Edition

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+ By Katie Scott and Jenny Broom

+ 12.5cm x 17 cm, 64 pages, Hardback

+ This pocket-sized edition of Animalium presents a world of perfectly scaled-down wonders. Welcome to the miniature museum of Animalium. Open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, its collection boasts an unrivalled catalogue of the world’s finest and most extraordinary creatures, with each exhibit in immaculate condition and presented in fantastic detail.

+ Wander through the pages of the museum to see the story of life on Earth unfold. Every chapter takes you to a different gallery, which displays a particular class of animal, such as reptiles, birds or mammals. The species are arranged in evolutionary order to show how the animal kingdom has developed over time. So enter Animalium and see the animal kingdom in all its glory.

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